Juha Lehtola | 2020-03-30

Dear venture capital investors, Finnish tech companies and founders,

There is a lot of discussion about the impact of Covid19 on our VC ecosystem and startups. Tesi is contemplating various lines of action to address the funding gaps emerging in the Finnish economy...

Matti Kangas | 2019-04-18

The circular economy is not a game – it’s new business fuelled by investment

We are the last generation that can save our planet from destruction. Election boasts will match reality when Finland leads the world in the circular economy race, with everyone is a winner. Companies...

Tomi Riihiranta | 2018-03-06

Exit = the moment of truth

A good exit means success. Entrepreneurs, management, employees and the venture capital investors that believed in the company have together been able to raise the company to the next level.

Joni Karsikas | 2017-11-02

The Supercells of healthcare

Home to blockbuster games, Finland is now seeing a hype surging in healthtech and healthcare data. Who will capture the investment opportunity in this country of winning development teams, born-global...

Keith Bonnici | 2017-05-03

Jumping Higher, Thinking Bigger

Startup investments are an exit business – too often we forget this crucial principle. Exits feed new investments, enabling new growth.

Tomi Riihiranta | 2017-03-02

Finland – Low spirits undermine high potential?

International cross-pollination to help find winning combinations?

Henri Grundstén | 2017-02-07

How does the future look like for venture capital and private equity in Finland?

Globalisation is spreading, banks are retreating from their traditional role, new forms of financing are emerging, and expertise is gaining importance. These are the future trends predicted by experts...

Jan Sasse | 2016-12-01

Choose the right investor

Private equity investors have a positive impact on the competitiveness, productivity and innovations of portfolio companies. This is the finding of multiple Finnish and foreign studies. But private eq...

Jussi Sainiemi | 2016-12-01

Nordic growth companies attract interest

Growth entrepreneurship is on the rise in Finland, fuelled by the general desire for renewal, the systematic effort of universities to advance growth entrepreneurship, and the media spotlight on succe...

Henri Grundstén | 2016-12-01

Smart Money

Finnish Industry Investment provides growth capital, expertise and networks for its portfolio companies. Our area of expertise is corporate governance, which we bring to our portfolio companies in col...

Tapio Passinen | 2016-12-01

Finland’s venture capital market also needs international funds

Fund-based venture capital investments are an effective instrument for investing in technology companies. With the carefully selected fund, investors can effectively spread their risk in the technolog...