Annual Report 2012

Venture capital and private equity in 2012

The year 2012 in the Finnish venture capital and private equity market went fairly well despite the general economic environment. New venture capital and buyout funds were raised successfully, and investment volumes increased slightly compared to the previous year. A number of exits took place in the beginning of the year and then again at the year end, which is important for the sector continuity. It was also positive that international investors and Finnish business angels kept up their interest towards Finnish companies.

Highlights of the preliminary FVCA statistics 2012

  • The Finnish private equity firms raised new funds worth €442m (€419m, 2011) in 2012.
  • They invested €497m (€443m) in domestic and foreign portfolio companies.
  • 84 % of the invested capital were buyout investments. This equals to €417m (€366m), out of which €325m (€263m) were allocated to buyout investments.
  • The number of investments made was 328 (336), out of which 66 % were venture investments. This corresponds to 217 (211) venture investments. The number of start-up stage investments was 151 (142).
  • Investments in cleantech accounted for 17 % (14 %) of the number of investments.
  • The value, at cost, of divestments totaled €292m (€337m).
  • The Finnish private equity firms' total amount of capital under management at the end of 2012 amounted to €5,6b (€5,3b). 

Activity of Finnish venture capital and private equity funds, 1999-2012fvca eng.png

Source: Finnish Venture Capital Association FVCA

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