Christmas: A time to reflect and remember

Impact - 21.12.2018

Some 60,000 young people have dropped out of school and working life in Finland. Often the reason is that they lack the ability, knowledge or skills to manage school, college or working life. The everyday routines of a young person might be disrupted by a challenging life situation, and without outside help a young person may then be unable to pick up the reins again.

The mission of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute (HDI) is to create human dignity for everyone. This year, instead of Christmas cards, we will give a Christmas present to the Vamos youth service.

Let’s make working life equal to all, together.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019 to You!

With warm regards,

Jan, Ulla, Elisa, Matias, Riitta, Tapio, Petteri, Enni, Juha, Heli, JussiS, Keith, Joni, Tony, JussiH, Juuso, Mikael, Miikka, Samuel, MattiK, Anton, Jan-Patrick, Hanna, AnnaKi, Satu, AnnaKj, Miia, Jonna, Jani, Tomi, MattiA-K, Taina, Eija, HenriH, HenriG ja Jarkko