Annual Report 2012

Material aspects for responsibility 

In 2012 Finnish Industry Investment defined its material aspects for responsibility and the performance indicators applicable to its business operations based on a materiality analysis. The definition was specified in a working group headed by Tofuture Ltd, comprising representatives of FII's different functions. The material aspects for corporate responsibility were evaluated based on dialogue with the ownership steering group at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, a customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2011, earlier corporate image surveys and on the company’s own views. 

Based on the analysis FII's material aspects for responsibility are economic impact and responsibility, human resource management, responsible investment and internal procedures.

Material aspects for responsibility

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Stakeholder dialogue

FII's stakeholders consist of four main groups. These groups represent stakeholders associated with investment activities, civil society, the company's owner, and personnel. The corporate image and strategic customer satisfaction survey, conducted every other year, maps out stakeholders' expectations for the company's operations as well the strengths and development needs of the company.  

  • Business arena
    The forms of cooperation with these stakeholders relate to screening and evaluating companies, and to preparing and subsequently managing investments. The business arena's expectations towards corporate responsibility are mainly related to responsible investment. This arena also has expectations for internal procedures that ensure high quality and confidentiality as well as legal and regulatory compliance. FII seeks to be a trustworthy expert partner and an enabler of growth. 
  • Civil society arena
    Cooperation with civil society relates mainly to the development of the innovation sector and to public relations. Their expectations are significant because as a government-owned investment company, FII manages state capital. The expectations concern largely the company's economic impact and principles for responsible investment.
  • Owner arena
    Cooperation in the owner arena is concentrated on setting operational targets and the associated reporting. Owners' expectations for Finnish Industry Investment's operations are mainly concerned with the company's economic impact and responsibility. Achieving results, in terms of both economic impact and financial performance, has a strong influence on the cooperation with the state as owner, and consequently on the resources available.
  • Internal arena
    Internal stakeholders’ expectations for FII's operations are mainly concerned with the economic impact, finances, responsible operation and human resource policy of the company. Expectations of personnel are measured with the job satisfaction survey conducted at regular intervals.

Stakeholder arenas 

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