Annual Report 2012

GRI content index

The report covers the financial year 2012. It encompasses FII's own operations, but also describes how FII applies its respon­sible investment principles when dealing with portfolio companies.

In its corporate responsibility reporting, FII uses the reporting model that the Finnish government resolution of 3rd November 2011 recommends for unlisted government-owned companies. The structure of the report is based on the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting framework and also, to the extent applicable, the indicators specified in GRI's Financial Services Sector Supplement (FSSS). The report is published annually.

1. Strategy and analysis
1.1 CEO Statement CEO's Review
1.2 Description of key impacts, risks, and opportunities Economic impact
Internal procedures
Responsible investment
2. Organizational Profile
2.1-2.9 Basic information about Industry Investment Industry Investment
Human resources
3. Report Parameters
3.1-3.8 Report profile, scope and boundary GRI Content Index
Material aspects
3.12. GRI content index GRI Content Index
4. Governance, Commitments & Engagement
4.1-4.4 Governance Corporate Governance
4.14-4.16 Stakeholder engagement Material aspects
Performance indicators
Economic responsibility
Disclosure on Management Approach
EC1 Economic value generated and distributed Economic responsibility
EC4 Significant financial assistance received from government Economic responsibility
EC9 Significant indirect economic impacts Economic impact
Environmental responsibility
Disclosure on Management Approach
EN26 Initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts of products and services
Social responsibility
Disclosure on Management Approach
Labor Practices & Decent Work
LA1 Total workforce by employment type, contract, and gender Human resources
LA2 Employee turnover Human resources
LA7 Rates of injury and absenteeism Human resources
LA10 Average hours of training Human resources
LA11 Programs for skills management and lifelong learning Human resources
LA12 Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews Human resources
LA13 Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees Human resources
SO1 Local community engagement and development programs
SO5 Public policy positions and participation in public policy development and lobbying
Product responsibility
PR5 Customer satisfaction Material aspects
Financial Services Sector Supplement (FSSS)
Management approach to financial responsibility
FS1 Policies with specific environmental and social components applied to business lines Responsibility
Responsible investment
FS2 Procedures for assessing and screening environmental and social risks in business lines Internal procedures
FS 3 Processes for monitoring clients’ implementation of and compliance with environmental and social requirements included in agreements or transactions. Responsible investment
FS4 Process(es) for improving staff competency to implement the environmental and social policies and procedures as applied to business lines. Human resources
Responsible investment
FS5 Interactions with clients/investees/business partners regarding environmental and social risks and opportunities Material aspects
Responsible investment
Product portfolio
FS6 Product portfolio breakdown Internal procedures
FS8 Monetary value of products and services designed to deliver a specific environmental benefit
Active ownership
FS10 Percentage and number of companies held in the institution’s portfolio with which the reporting organisation has interacted on environmental or social issues Responsible investment
FS11 Assets subject to positive and negative screening

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