Annual Report 2012

Investments in 2012

  • In 2012, investment operations remained brisk both in fund investments as well as in direct investments. FII screened 200 projects seeking investments. The company made new investments totalling €57.1m. Investments and commitments totalled €719 million at the end of the year.
  • FII made new commitments to four funds amounting to €32.5m. Fund investments focused on new venture capital and mid-market buyout funds.
  • FII made direct investments amounting to €22.3m. Direct investments focused on technology companies, buyouts, and the mining cluster.
  • The profit for the financial year was €7.3m. Profits, both from investments and from liquid securities, improved compared to the previous year.
  • Investing capacity was strengthened by the Finnish State’s capitalisation of 50 million euros. In total, Finnish State’s investments of €470m in FII have grown into equity of €575m. During the company’s entire operating period, the return on invested capital has achieved the general level of inflation.

Key figures 2012

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Investments and commitments €718m

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Result for the financial year, 1995-2012 (€m)


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